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Finally, the aforementioned design comes to a head, accenting the collar with blocks of red, yellow, and blue, the same tones that MJ wore back in Barcelona. There are lots of little places lining the beach where you can grab a beer and a bite to eat, and it’s a relatively short walk back to the Gothic Quarter when you want to get back to the sightseeing. Arranged in chronological order, the museum has over 4,200 works and includes pieces that he created when he was just a young boy. Even if you’re not so much of a Picasso fan, it’s incredible to see the skill that he had from such a young age. All five of the buildings have their own history and stories to tell, so if you’re interested in the architecture of Barcelona, be sure to take a good look at these buildings while visiting the museum.

Take a look at our top 10 things to do in Barcelona for more ideas. It’s a series of public gardens and whimsical architecture, designed, of course, maillot barcelone 2022 by Antoni Gaudi and built between 1910 and 1914 though it wasn’t officially opened as a public park until 1926. Today there are several things that should put Park Guell on your “what to do in Barcelona list”… First there are the views which are very nice from here as Park Guell is perched up a little higher than many parts of the city. There are several beaches along the city’s coastline but Barceloneta Beach is always recommended for its proximity to the city center and because it’s very nice! Tickets are sold for timed entry so it’s best to buy your tickets online in advance to guarantee that you will get in on the day you’re visiting. The museum is housed within five adjoining medieval palaces that date from the 13th and 14th century making this two Barcelona attractions in one as you get to see historic architecture as you’re viewing Picasso’s works.

The Picasso Museum was established in 1963, making it the first in the world to be dedicated to the artist, and features one of the most extensive collections of Picasso’s work. Today it has collections of furniture and other items designed by Gaudi. Second are the buildings and monuments designed by Gaudi. In Catalan it means “new field” and this huge stadium has been the home of FC Barcelona since it was completed in 1957. What’s impressive about this stadium is its size – by capacity, it is the largest stadium in Europe and the second largest association football stadium in the world with a capacity of over 99,300 people, and it’s also hosted major concerts including U2 and Bruce Springsteen. The capital of Catalonia, and Spain’s second largest city, Barcelona is a wonderfully vibrant city that has something for everyone. Or you can spend the entire day and evening at Barceloneta Beach as this is a popular spot for nightlife too, with its selection of nightclubs and lively bars. Sample its tasty cuisine, boogey away to the sounds of its nightlife, wander through the well preserved Gothic Quarter, spend a day on the beach, and marvel over its quirky architecture.

Visitors can wander around much of the park areas for free and you can go inside the buildings too but there is an entry price to pay. Lyon are keen to get a deal for Tagliafico across the line as soon as possible. Chelsea are interested in signing Benjamin Pavard from Bayern Munich this summer, according to the Mirror. From Barcelona’s towering churches and bustling avenues to the sun-drenched beaches and idyllic plazas, it’s obvious why this city captures visitors’ hearts and refuses to let go. If you’re looking for things to do in Barcelona, a visit to the beach has to be on your list, whether it’s the height of summer or the middle of winter. Where to eat it: There are lots of good places to eat “bombas” in Barcelona, but it’s rumoured that they were invented at La Cova Fumada, a crumbling old hole-in-the wall type of place in the heart of Barceloneta. One of the attractions within Park Guell is the Gaudi House Museum where Gaudi lived for nearly 20 years. You can use our seating plan which will give you an idea where exactly you will be seated.

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